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Our Oz Lotto winner shared her experience

Our Winners
Our Oz Lotto winner shared her experience

In mid-September, our player Saanvi N., a manager from India, got lucky: she matched 6 numbers in the famous Australian game Oz Lotto and received a large amount of A$ 9 958.35. Fortunately, Saanvi was happy to give us an interview and share her experience in detail!

— Tell us about yourself: what do you do for a living? What are your hobbies, how do you spend your free time?

Hello! I am a manager and a mother of three children. We often go outdoors with family and friends. I'm really into history.

— What inspired you to start playing? How did you find our website?

I recently found your website. I was just doing a Google search on how to play Powerball and I came across your service. I first had an idea of participating in the lottery at the beginning of the year when I read the story about the winter Powerball winners.

— Why did you decide to play Oz Lotto?

At first, I only played Powerball. I'm not a big fan of trying something new. But somehow, I accidentally decided to participate in the Australian version of the game, I liked it. Decided to try more games from this country. Believe it or not, this was my first participation in Oz Lotto!

— Do you have any winning strategy?

There is no strategy, but in every draw, I make sure to choose my lucky number. I believe it brought me good luck!

— What was your first reaction to winning?

I immediately shared the news with my family, showed them the email. The children at first thought it was a joke, and the husband thought it was a scam. He even refused to talk about any purchases or investments until the money came to my bank account. But I was sure of everything and secretly I was already planning gifts.

— Share your spending plans, if it’s not a secret.

I have already bought gifts to my family, small ones, but everyone was happy with them. I saved some money to buy a new family car, this is our dream (and goal) for 2022.


From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate our winner and wish her new achievements this year! And if you're inspired by Saanvi's story and want to get back in the game soon, we've got something special for you: a new MEGA Millions draw with a mind-blowing $ 301.000.000 Jackpot! Good luck!

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