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Set For Life: The Lottery That Changes Lives

9 hours

What is a systematic entry?

Normally, players choose 5-6 numbers out of the whole set of lottery numbers. What if they could choose not 6, but 7 or more numbers? The winning odds would increase many times over! The systematic entry automatically generates all possible combinations with the selected numbers.

  • 8 numbers = 8 lines -3%
  • 9 numbers = 36 lines -8%
  • 10 numbers = 120 lines -11%
  • 11 numbers = 330 lines -12%
  • 12 numbers = 792 lines -15%
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About Set for Life

Like other Australian bestsellers, Set for Life is hosted by the government-owned Tatts Group. The game's draws are held every day at 21:00 local time.

See the official Set for Life website at this link.

How to win Set for Life?

To win the Set for Life Jackpot, you need to match seven numbers out of 44, and the minimum prize is paid when you match three regular numbers plus one additional one. The lowest prize amounts to approximately A$ 8-10. In general, Set for Life has a solid number of prize options. There are eight of them: 3 + 1S, 4, 4 + 1S, 5, 5 + 1S, 6, 6 + 1S, and 7. The number in front of the plus denotes the number of matched regular numbers. The number after the plus denotes any of the two matched Supplementary numbers we talk about below.

The two most important prizes in the game are designated. The game's Jackpot for non-residents is always AUD 4.800.000. Each of the four winners can get this amount. However, if more winners are determined in the draw, the main prize's pool is divided equally between all of them. The second most important prize is always AUD 60.000. The remaining prizes vary from draw to draw and depend on the number of tickets sold.

What are Supplementary Numbers used for?

To win the Jackpot of Set for Life, you need to match seven numbers from 1 to 44. In general, the game has eight prize tiers, four of which are determined by the Supplementary number. After the paramount winning combination of seven numbers is determined, from the same set of numbers, but already after deducting seven of them, two more balls are pulled out, which are called "additional" or just "Supps." In addition to the ordinary numbers, you need to match any of the two supplementary numbers to win one of the prizes in the categories 3 + 1S, 4 + 1S, 5 + 1S, or 6 + 1S.

Who can play Set for Life?

Only adult players can participate in the lottery, those who are already over 18 years old.

The Lottery That Changes Lives

Since its launch in 2015, Set for Life has already paid out AUD 61.820.000 to its winners! Over several years, the game has changed the lives of hundreds of people. A few recent success stories from the Tatts Group website: a Bayview couple won the lottery's top prize. The family had a challenging year: they organized their own business, but things weren't going as well as they liked. As a result, the couple decided to work less or even quit working at all.

As for the other winners, the young brothers from Waratah are about to travel around the world. A man from Cairns, according to journalists, is going to have an extravagant lifestyle: quit his job, hire a personal coach, and constantly travel on vacation to different world countries. By the way, he is not the only one who decided to refuse the hated job. Another man from McLaren Vale has also quit his job and intends to devote the rest of his life to fishing and camping. These are different people, but they are united by one thing: their dream has come true!

Taxation and claim of winnings

Set for Life winnings are not subject to tax.

In addition, you don't need to pay a commission to Lotto Agent!

Set for Life prizes are paid to non-resident winners as a lump-sum payment.

Latest results

  • 9
  • 10
  • 25
  • 33
  • 36
  • 38
  • 43
  • 11
  • 32
$ 3.2 MM
In this draw, we have 45 winners

Prize Breakdown

Combinations Winnings Winners
7 $ 3,203,642.33 -
6+S $ 40,045.53 -
6 $ 2,803.02 2
5+S $ 101.92 50
5 $ 25.83 454
4+S $ 16.62 1,626
4 $ 8.24 8,722
3+S $ 6.94 19,199
Total Winners 30,053
Total Winners 30,053

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