Lotería de Navidad

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About Lotería de Navidad

The draw ceremony of Lotería de Navidad is a faery performance, which attracts the attention of all local newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Children of San Ildefonso school take part in the prize distribution and get wooden balls out of the lottery drum. When any ticket wins a massive amount, the children sing the winning numbers out.

98% of the adult population in Spain play Lotería de Navidad, but the Lottery Organizer issues even more lottery tickets than the Spaniards can afford. The reason is that not only the residents of this country take part in Lotería de Navidad, but also people from all over the globe. 

The official Lotería Navidad website can be viewed at this link.

The history of Lotería de Navidad

Lotería de Navidad is an old lottery: it was first held in 1892. Since then it is held annually on the Christmas eve. Lotería de Navidad is considered to be the largest lottery in the world in the prize fund amount and the number of winning tickets.

Prize distribution

Lotería de Navidad is a symbol of the Christmas miracle, because the generosity of its prizes is just amazing. Lotería de Navidad will draw € 2.38 billion, € 680 million of which are the total Jackpot prize fund. € 680 million will be split between 170 winners. The chance to hit the Jackpot is 1 in 100.000. The remaining Prize Pool amount will be distributed among millions of other participants. Each seventh ticket of the lottery is winning. Secondary prizes of Lotería de Navidad are also famous for abundant payoffs.

Rules of the game

100.000 five-digit numbers from 00000 to 99999 are printed on tickets of the Christmas lottery Lotería de Navidad. Each of these numbers is repeated in 170 series. Each ticket is also divided into 10 equal parts ("tenths” or "decimos”). Each decima can be bought separately.

Two drums are used in the lottery drawing. The first drum contains 100.000 wooden balls with all the lottery numbers printed on them. The second drum also contains wooden balls; winning amounts from the minimum prize to the Jackpot are printed on each of them. The drawing of Lotería de Navidad lasts about three hours. During this time, a TV-host takes out two balls from each drum simultaneously and shows the numbers to the audience. Each lottery prize is distributed between the owners of 170 tickets, as each of them has the same numbers as the remaining 169.

Who can play Lotería de Navidad

You can play the Spanish lottery and buy tickets of Lotería de Navidad, if you’re 18 and above regardless of your home country!


Winnings may be subject to tax in the country of the lottery.

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