Responsible Play

Lotto Agent strongly recommends that you use the official website of the company properly and do not overuse gambling products. Our site is designed for you to enjoy playing games, but we strongly recommend that you observe moderation during the game and spend only those amounts of money that you can afford to spend.

Lotto Agent products are designed for reasonable use. They are designed to make you enjoy participation in games, but if you feel that participating in games on the sites of Lotto Agent harms you, you must stop or limit the gambling.

In connection with the above, we have taken a number of measures in order to control the use of the company's website.

Payment limits

Having an idea of your financial capabilities, you can set personal payment limits by reaching the customer support via email, phone or online chat. You can set limits on the following parameters: limit the total amount of transactions by days, weeks, months and limit the one-time deposit or payment amount. Execution of an application for an increase in the limit is postponed for a seven-day period. During this time you can change your mind and return to your previous payment limit.

The limit of access to the site

If you decide to pause the game, you can set a time limit for freezing your account. During the time period you set, you will not be able to access the Lotto Agent website, but you will be able to resume the game when the lockout period expires. You can also permanently delete your account or block it for an indefinite period. To do this, just contact the customer support via email, phone or online chat.

We strongly recommend that you read the Lotto Agent's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We call you to accountability to other people, that is, we strongly recommend that you do not invite elderly or underage people into the game.

We adhere to the policy of protecting the underage. This means that users who have not reached the age of majority (that is, under the age of 18) can not use the products of the Lotto Agent website until they reach adulthood. We strictly control that minors do not take part in gambling on our website.


At any time, you can contact our support team by e-mail, telephone or online chat and get advice from a specialist.

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We are sorry, but currently we do not serve customers from United States of America. Please do not use IP address changing services (VPN, anonymizers, etc.) to enter the site, otherwise your account may be blocked without warning.

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