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Frequently Asked Questions

Which lottery is the best choice?

There are many great lotteries on our website, and everyone can find a game to their liking. There are many criteria for choosing a lottery: some prefer huge Jackpots, others care more about a large number of prize divisions or winning odds, and many players look at the entry cost. You can find a detailed description of each lottery on the game page. If you are still confused, please contact our support team. Our experts will help you make the right choice!

What is the line?

A lottery line is an electronic lottery form for picking numbers to participate in a draw. Selected numbers of one line are equal to one bet. The lines of some lotteries consist of two parts: to pick regular and special numbers.

It’s enough to choose one line of a ticket to win the Jackpot, but the more lines take part in the draw, the higher the chances to win. When playing with multiple lines, all winnings are added up and paid to the winner.

How many lines can I select?

When you purchase a lottery ticket, you can see how many lines you can choose at once for each lottery. Each additional line increases your chances to win, but it makes your entry a little more expensive.

Please bear in mind that the more varied entries you make, the higher your chances to win. However, most lotteries allow you to pick the same combination of numbers in all chosen lines. If the entry is winning, your winnings will increase proportionally to the number of chosen lines.

What is Easy-Pick?

Easy-Pick allows selecting lottery numbers using a random number generator.

What is a syndicate, and how do I join?

A syndicate is a group of players. By joining it, you, together with other Lotto Agent participants, make a large number of entries and share winnings among each other. You can choose the syndicate you like in the "Syndicates" section. The more lines the group game includes, the larger the winnings can be. To join a syndicate, purchase its share. Winnings will be divided by the number of shares in the group. So, the more shares you purchase, the larger your individual prize can be.

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a set of bets and syndicate shares of several lotteries, sold as a single unit and united by a common theme. For example, you can participate in several American or European lotteries at once or place bets on games with the largest Jackpots at the moment. When you purchase a bundle, you get a solid discount, so you don't have to puzzle over which lottery to choose.

What is a Multiplier?

The multiplier is a unique feature of many American lotteries. It is guaranteed to multiply the amount of any secondary winnings several times, but it makes an entry a little more expensive. Also, note that choosing a multiplier changes the minimum winning combination for Lotto Texas and New Jersey Pick-6.

Different lotteries have different names for this useful feature:

Please find the features of each multiplier on the lottery pages under the participation form.

What are special numbers?

As you may have noticed, some participation forms consist of one field, while others include two of them. You need to select several regular numbers in the upper field and one or two special numbers in the lower one. Depending on the lottery, they determine the Jackpot or Secondary Prize wins.

Special numbers have different names:

Please find the features of special numbers on the lottery pages under the participation form. These numbers are always marked in orange on the results page.

What are bonus numbers?

Users don't choose bonus numbers in their payslips. They are drawn from the same pool as the main lottery numbers. Players that match their chosen numbers plus the bonus numbers win prizes in some additional prize tiers.

Here is a list of lotteries with bonus numbers:

Please find the features of bonus numbers on the lottery pages under the participation form. These numbers are always marked in green on the results page.

What is the Reintegro number?

The Reintegro number is an exciting feature of the Spanish lotteries La Primitiva and Bonoloto. A number in the range from 0 to 9 is printed right on the lottery slip when it’s purchased. This number should coincide with the other Reintegro number determined during the draw for the player to receive a partial or full refund of his entry cost. The Reintegro number also determines the winning of the main prize in the La Primitiva lottery: to scoop the Jackpot, you need to match five ordinary numbers plus the Reintegro number.

*If the player chooses the option “Betting,” an automatically generated Reintegro number is determined for each line of his bet.

What is a Multiple draw option?

"Multiple draw" is a special option that reserves participation in several subsequent draws for you. It works as follows: first, you fill in the participation form, select the "Multiple draw" option under the ticket form, and the number of draws in which you would like to take part. Money for all of these draws will be debited from your card or deposit account as a one-time payment. If you select this option, you get an additional discount of up to 10%.

What is a Subscription option?

"Subscription" is an option that also reserves participation in several subsequent draws for you. It works as follows: first, you fill in the participation form, select the "Subscription" option under the ticket form, and the number of draws in which you would like to take part. Before each subsequent drawing, the smart system will automatically pay for your entry, debiting money from your card or deposit account. The same combination of numbers will be used in each of these draws. If you select the "Subscription" option, you get every 10th ticket for free!

How can I cancel the Subscription?

The subscription will expire automatically after all the draws you have selected. You can also disable the "Subscription" option yourself in your account. The service will also be disabled if the system fails to withdraw money from your payment instrument (for example, if you have insufficient funds).

What is "The System"?

"The System" is based on the most popular winning lottery strategy. It’s designed in such a way that you are able to pick not just 6 numbers in your lottery ticket, but 7, 8, 9, or even 10. The smart system generates all possible combinations with the selected numbers.

What is the Millionaire Option?

This option is only available for betting on lottery results! When you bet on lottery results, you can get an increased first prize. That is a Jackpot, which is much bigger than the lottery operator can offer you. A reliable insurance company will pay you the winnings. For just a few dollars per line, you have a chance to get much more productive. If you win the major prize, you will have an incredibly boosted Jackpot.

What is Lotería Nacional, and how to play it?

Lotería Nacional is a Spanish lottery, and it's like no other game in the world. Its draws are held once a month, and all of them have a unique name. Each draw is devoted to some significant date, event, or holiday. Lotería Nacional is a state game that aims to give the world as many wins as possible. Please note that the "Betting" option is not available for Lotería Nacional. You can only buy a ticket for this lottery.

To take part in Lotería Nacional, you need to buy a ticket with a pre-printed number from 00000 to 99999 on it, each of which is repeated in several series. You can buy the ticket or pay only for a tenth part of it ("tenth" or "décimo") or several tenths at once. Two huge lottery drums are used in the draw process. Balls with five-digit numbers on them are drawn from the first drum, and the prizes awarded are drawn from the remaining one.

If you paid for only one share, then you’ll be paid a tenth part of the prize awarded to your number. If two shares were purchased, then one-fifth of the prize will be awarded to you, and so on. Lotería Nacional has one more distinctive feature: in each draw, several Jackpots instead of one are drawn. The number of main and secondary prizes is equal to the number of the series. The lottery is also famous for a huge Grand Prix, which is awarded to only one number of a specific series, and millions of other fabulous prizes.

What is Lotería de Navidad, and how to play it?

Lotería de Navidad is the major Lotería Nacional draw, which takes place on the eve of Catholic Christmas. Over 170 Jackpots are drawn during the special draw and the prize pool for the game reaches billions of euros. If you want to join Lotería de Navidad, purchase its ticket as for any other Lotería Nacional games (see "What is Lotería Nacional, and how to play it?").

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