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Frequently Asked Questions

How is placing a bet on lottery results different from buying a ticket?

If you place a bet on lottery results, we will insure it for you via a reliable insurance company. You will receive all prizes right to your bank account. There’s no need to visit the country where the lottery is held.

See also "Questions about tickets".

Where can I see the details of my bet?

You can see any entry you make in the "My Entries" section of your personal account.

See also "Questions about tickets".

How do you insure my bets?

Every bet on lottery results is insured — just like your car, property, or health. With each of your bets, we transfer a certain amount to one or more insurance companies, which ensures the prize payment. Your winning will be an insurance event.

How will I get my winnings?

Small winnings will be paid to you from Lotto Agent's funds. Jackpots and other big prizes are paid by independent insurance companies directly to your bank account. There is no need to claim the prize personally in the country where the lottery is held. For details on how prizes in each prize division are calculated, see clauses 25-27 of the Terms of Use.

See also "Questions about tickets".

How soon will I get my winnings?

Small and in some cases, medium prizes will be paid from our funds to your account on the site. You can withdraw this money in the "Withdrawals" section (for more details on the procedure, see the question "How do I withdraw money from my account on Lotto Agent?").

Other winnings will be paid by the insurance company directly to your bank account. There’s no universal time for transferring prizes. Many factors affect here, such as the winning amount, the jurisdiction of the country in which you live, the payment counterparty, etс. However, all winnings will be paid out within a reasonable time frame, and insurance companies will make every effort to ensure that the money is paid out as quickly as possible.

How do you calculate my winnings?

If you win money by placing a bet on the lottery results, you will get precisely the same payouts as if you bought a lottery ticket for the game you bet on. See how your prizes will be calculated if there are other winners in clauses 25-27 of the Terms of Use.

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