Frequently Asked Questions

When are the results published?

Results of each draw are published on our website in the "Results" section within three hours after they are published on the official website.

All participants of each draw receive the notification of its results by e-mail.

How do I check if I’ve won?

To find out whether you won simply go to your Personal Account on the Lotto Agent website and choose the ticket in the "My Entries" section. If your ticket won, you will see the amount of winnings on that page, as well as receive an e-mail notification. All winnings are processed automatically within 3 hours after they are published on the official website

Is there automatic notification of winnings?

Yes, when we get the results of each draw, our system automatically processes all results and sends e-mails notices to all who participated in the draw. You can manage mailing settings of such notices in the "Profile" section of the Personal Account.

How are winnings accrued?

The amount of your winnings corresponding to the amount approved by the lottery Operators is always deposited to your Personal Account on the Lotto Agent website, except when you win the Jackpot.

When you win the Jackpot we contact you and agree on further action.

When will I get my winnings?

Your winnings are deposited in your Personal Account within 3 hours of the end of the draw. Then you can withdraw the money in the "Withdrawals" section of your Personal Account on our website using one of the methods listed. For more information on withdrawing funds please see the "Payment methods" section.

How do I know that I won?

We automatically e-mail draw results all to the participants of the draws on our website. You can turn these notices on/off in the "Profile" section of your Personal Account.

How does Lotto Agent calculate the amount of winnings?

Winnings are calculated automatically based on official lottery results. If you have the winning ticket, we will deposit the amount due to you into your personal account on the Lotto Agent website within 3 hours the results are published on the official website of the lottery. The exception is made when you win the Jackpot, in that case our managers contact you to agree on further action.

How do I withdraw money from my account on Lotto Agent?

To withdraw money from your Personal Account go to the "Withdrawal" section and fill out a short form: specify the desired withdrawal method, payment details and the amount of money you wish to withdraw. Currently available withdrawal methods are: Visa / Mastercard, Skrill, WebMoney, and Visa Qiwi Wallet.

For more information on withdrawing funds please see the "Payment methods" section.

Can I leave the winnings and continue playing?

Yes, since your winnings are credited to your personal account you can continue playing using your personal account.

Is there commission charged for winning?

No. We do not charge and will never charge commission for our users’ winnings.

In case of victory, the winning sum will be paid in full except for the commission of payment system services, and local tax in the jurisdiction of the lottery Operator.

Please find commission rates of payment systems in the "Payment Methods" section. Tax rates for each particular lottery are available in the "Results" section.

What will happen if I win the Jackpot?

Jackpot unlike non-jackpot prizes is paid to the winner by lottery Operators in person.

If you win the Jackpot our managers will contact you immediately after the draw and agree on how to give you the winning ticket. In addition, we will help you organize a trip and advise on possible legal and financial issues.

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