Frequently Asked Questions

How to withdraw winnings from my account?

Go to the "Withdrawals" section and select the payment method you used to pay for your bet from the list. Then enter the correct payment details and the amount you want to withdraw. Next, you will need to go through the KYC ("Know Your Customer") procedure, which will help us to identify you. After you successfully pass the verification and provide accurate information about the payment method, your winnings will be transferred to you within 1-7 banking days. If something goes wrong, our specialists will contact you to resolve the issue.

What rules must I follow when withdrawing my winnings?

To successfully receive your winnings, please:

  • Confirm your email address. After registration, you will receive an email where we ask you to confirm your address by following the link. If this email got lost, please contact our customer support service.
  • Make sure that when registering, you enter your name exactly as it appears in your passport. If you make a mistake, please contact our support specialists.
  • Submit authentic photos and high-quality documents when passing the Know Your Customer procedure.
  • When paying, use only those payment methods (especially when it comes to your bank cards) that are issued in your name.
  • When withdrawing your winnings, use the payment method which you used to pay for the winning bet. We will not be able to debit your winnings to a card you didn’t pay with on the website.
  • Double-check the entered payment details before submitting the withdrawal form.
What is KYC (Know Your Customer) verification?

While you are safely playing official lotteries, we are doing a great job ensuring our system's security. Usually, this happens unnoticed by you, but in some cases, we can not do without engaging you in the process. KYC is a quick verification of your identity. As a finance-related company and following the international security standards, we ask our players to provide documentation that verifies their identity.

Why pass KYC verification?

According to the latest legal requirements, we must identify the user before conducting a transaction and make sure that the payment will not be related to money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or tax evasion (see clause 22 of the "Terms of Use"). If you successfully pass KYC verification, you will be able to use all our service features without restrictions.

How to pass KYC verification?

To verify your personality and address, you will be asked to provide several documents and photographs of good quality. But first, you need to make sure that the information in your profile is in perfect order: all the necessary fields are filled out, and the information provided is accurate.

Why are we worthy of your trust?

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We are sorry, but currently we do not serve customers from United States of America. Please do not use IP address changing services (VPN, anonymizers, etc.) to enter the site, otherwise your account may be blocked without warning.

If you are not a resident of United States of America, please contact customer support at

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