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simple and hassle free platform
Its been over one month I have joined this platform to play the lottery. It's simple and hassle-free. The best part is it has easy payment options. Though I have not won anything yet, it's my luck, but I am enjoying the platform. Lots of options are available which may make you addicted but you can control your limit. If the LottoAgent can work on reducing the price of tickets it can attract more people. Some more bonus options are advisable.
Samuel Appiah
Best Lotto Agent
I have been playing LAgent lottery platform and I confirm it’s the best among the rest.I love the layout and graphics on their website,so attractive to play and win.
Dnyaneshwari Potdar
I really enjoying Lotto Agent
I really enjoying Lotto Agent. It's superior way to be lucky. Very easy to handle and user friendly application. Thanks.
prakhar mittal
Awesome experience for a foreigner to…
Awesome experience for a foreigner to play worlds biggest lottories with trust and faith,hope you will maintain my faith like this always
Rohit Vijapure
Lotto Agent is Best
Lotto Agent is Best. They truly take care of customer, they provide various offer and are very helpful.
प्रखर मित्तल
Easy way to get the best
I am living in India,but I don't feels like an outsider to purchase tickets from lotto agent,there support team are awesome and the right kind of payment options are tremendous to make a deal, really appreciate it
sanal kumar
Lotto agent very trusted and accurate…
Lotto agent very trusted and accurate with their transactions and inform the result and price money to the players. Thank u Lotto agent one more time!
This wonderful site has really been outstanding in delivering second-to-none services. I have so much benefitted from its special services. I did remember their quick response to my mail when I had a great challenge making payments for games I purchased online as well as the results of the games purchased overtime Infact I am deeply satisfied with ALL THEY DO which I see as EXTRAORDINARY... Hearty cheers to their very friendly AGENTS... Best regards Benjamin
Jinkie Cris Alegre
Their customer service has always given…
Their customer service has always given me superb assistance. And thrilled because they have option for Millionaire option where you can double your winnings. However, they should give more discounts to their consistent and loyal customers.
Advocate Hemant Goyal
Very Trustworthy, Reliable and efficient site to play. Please make it more easy with regard to payment options for Indian players also.
Pablo Estrada
Agent Lotto's syndicates are great and…
Agent Lotto's syndicates are great and their pricing for all lotteries is fair, lower than other online options. Support has resolved the few issues I've experienced promptly and overall, I think this is a safe and trustworthy site.
Akshay Tyagi
Scanned tickets
The best feature of this service is that they provide scanned tickets for all ticket purchases, which makes it very trustworthy in my opinion. Also they accept all cards. Love this site.
Great experience.
Lotto Agent is a reliable and trustworthy website. Very user friendly, scam free and most importantly hassle free. I recommend this to the people who really likes to bet. Great service 👍
Masauso Banda
Hassle Free.
They have had a few problems with payment via visa and they have been honest enough to communicate the challenges they have been experiencing. The site does have other payment options available so it doesn't take away from the experience of playing. The webchat is also a helpful feature and any queries about the service are responded to promptly. Overall a good, quick and easy playing experience. Highly recommend!
Tiniya Subin
Lotto agent is a good service providers…
Lotto agent is a good service providers of lotteries. And trustful services. I am an Indian i have only difficult to caused deposits option because from India depositing is difficult through my sbi debit card otherwise overall it's good and affordable price.
Karthik Stands
New Bet option is really awasome
New Bet option is really awasome. It will help us directly amount will transfer to our bank account. But, the ticket slightly high compare than lottoland and lotto247. LottoAgent is trustable.
bella christable
Lotto Agent is a very trusted website…
Lotto Agent is a very trusted website by many people where anyone can buy lotto tickets online and give chance to play from USA,ITALY, SPAIN and other countries of your comfort of your own home.the website is reliable,trustworthy,scam free and user friendly.the work of their service is really supportive.easy to use so look no further than lotto agent.they don"t expose your bank information.
Agent lotto in my opinion, is the best among others. Two things make them stand out: First, you can buy one single line ticket at reasonable price, and second, their customer's service is superb. I have been with them for over a year now,and l do hope to win very big through them before long.
LOTTO AGENT gives a very good…
LOTTO AGENT gives a very good service...we can buy tickets easily at a nominal worthy...customer service is awesome..thanks lotto agent.
I'm Happy!
So, suddenly, for the first time in my life, I decided to give the lottery a try. But, I was more interested in playing International Lotteries, instead of the ones local to my country. I commenced my search on the web for a company that provided lottery-concierge services, and I found quite a good number of them. But, after a lot of considerations, I opted to go with Lotto Agent, and I must say, I'm happy with my decision, because, on my very first play (precisely, on the 31/08/20), I won approximately $1,229 (Australian), which when converted to US Dollars, amounted to approximately $920. And hey, I'm from Nigeria. Here are a few things I love about Lotto Agent: 1. The Lotto Agent website's User Experience (UX): The design of their site is so simplistic. I never had issues with playing the lottery on the site, because the User Interface is so intuitive. 2. The Customer Support: This is one thing I like to evaluate before doing business with any site Online; because, as you know, a website is just a collection of web-pages, maintained by some person (s) who is/are invisible to you; so (while having a responsive Customer Support doesn't necessarily make an Online Business genuine) it pays to do business with a company with a very responsive Customer Support, and Lotto Agent has this. From my experience, their Customer Support responds within the hour, which is commendable. I'm also using this opportunity to give a shout-out to a very nice lady; a Lotto Agent Customer Support Personnel, who was very helpful to me. Her name is Marie! 3. The Payment: Lotto Agent supports various payout options; but, if you opt to be paid via Cards, you need to ensure that your bank allows deposits via Cards; otherwise, it won't be possible for them to pay you. I had that problem, so I know. Another thing I'd like to point-out about their Payment (which isn't clearly stated on their website, but I think is worthy of note) is that, before you can withdraw your winning, you'll need to go through a verification process, which can be a little bit of a pain. The verification involves sending snapshots of your Card (if you opt for Card Withdrawal) and taking a clear selfie; with you holding a valid means of ID, such that all the details on the ID are visible. Also, a valid means of ID must bear your Date of Birth. If it doesn't, your verification will fail and you will not get your money, except there's a valid reason why your ID doesn't bear your Date of Birth, as was my case. Even if your ID is accepted without a Date of Birth, you'll still need to provide a valid document which clearly shows your Date of Birth. This is something you should bear in mind, as you proceed. Anyways, I think the whole KYC (verification) thing is something required of most businesses today (to ascertain that their customers are who they say they are), and is not peculiar to Lotto Agent. The Lotto Agent Support (particularly, Marie) was also very helpful throughout the process; and I got my payment within a few days, after I initiated a withdrawal. Overall, if they continue in this manner, I would recommend Lotto Agent to anyone; any day, any time!
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