Trustpilot: Guidelines for Reviewers

For us to credit you a bonus for a review, you must comply with all the rules of the TrustPilot service:

1. Your review must be truthful and reflect your personal experience in the use of our service.

2. The review should not contain rude and abusive language, as well as insults.

3. The review should not be too short and should provide specific and detailed information. Little informative and concise reviews are deleted by TrustPilot service as spam.

4. Writing multiple reviews about our service from different accounts belonging to the same person is forbidden!

5. Copying other people's reviews or copying reviews with partial information changes is prohibited!

6. Cheating reviews is prohibited!

If one or more of the above conditions are violated, we will not be able to credit you a bonus. We will also not be able to credit you a bonus if you or TrustPilot itself delete your review. This situation will serve as a reason to check the user for violation of the terms of use of both our service and TrustPilot. Violation of any of these conditions may result in the blocking of all user accounts without the right to restore.

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